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Pendulum Botanical Eco

Pendulum Botanical Eco

SKU: 126351351935

Hand made by Maeve Hepburn, these beautiful eco resin pendulums are filled with the good stuff. They have been cleansed under the full moon, smudged with white sage and been energised by the sound frequencies of chakras tuning forks. 

They contain

Herbs include lavender, rose petals, wattle 
Dandelion seed 
Crystals and metals 
Organic silk
Dried flower
And its all eco!

How to use 
1. Centre yourself. You can do this by breathing with the intention of letting the stress go. Relax and clear your mind.

2. Connect to the pendulum. Sit with your pendulum. Hold the pendulum to your heart to connect.

Step three: Establish a connection and identify your “Yes” and “No.” You need to learn what your “yes” and “no” responses are. To find this out, hold the pendulum above the palm of your hand. Begin to ask simple yes or no questions that you know the answers to and see what the responses are. Example “My name is...” Take note if it rotates clockwise or counter clockwise for each response. Which direction is your yes and which direction is your no, when it moves side to side it can mean its still deciding or it possibly doesn’t know. Your yes and no may be different to others and that’s ok!

Step four: Ask your questions. This is the best part, but you must keep in mind that the pendulum can only answer yes or no questions. If you ask something that isn’t a yes or no question, your answer won’t be clear. Feel free to do your own research and find what methods work for you. 

Please indicate which pendulum you would like. The first photo is numbered.
Choice the number of the pendulum you would like. As they are one off, pendulums may very.

  • Hand made by Maeve Hepburn, these beau

    Hand made by Maeve Hepburn, these beautiful eco resin


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