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I have always turned every job I’ve had into a design job. From working at a film company as a production assistant/ receptionist, I managed to turn that job into a trainee intranet designer and video editor and from there I landed a job doing editing and special effects for an x rated cartoon production company (stepping up haha). My greatest passion is and always will be music and somehow, I landed the job as band booker for one of the oldest live music venues in Melbourne and I did indeed turn that into another design job. This time a monthly music magazine, websites, and CD art. Which lead me to a job at Beat Magazine doing design and layout. Having always a passion for Kinesiology, I finally studied and completed many diplomas in the holistic health industry to opening my clinic, which again lead me to redesigning and successfully selling practitioners’ posters world-wide.

Design is my very happy place.

In fact when I found myself in the middle on a fibromyalgia flare up, I knew the only way to walk without pain was to do what I love: art. I spent much time in bed making art until I could again walk without pain, art healed me. Art saved me at school too. You see, school was an overwhelming place that I didn’t not understand, nor like. Being dyslexic and being made to feel stupid due to having a different brain, I felt lost and unconfident in who I was. But then I stumbled upon art, a non linear world that made sense to me. A place people could freely express themselves and explore worlds. I am not linear, so me and art became best friends. Then my nerdy love of computers surfaced. I love technology. Without it you would not understand a word I am writing, and I wouldn’t be able to express myself now - I bloody love spell check. So combining art and computers for me is a marriage made in heaven.

Now, I have joined the dots and am happy to say:

I love designing. I am now available.

Diploma of Kinesiology - College of Complementary Medicine
Diploma of Mind Body Medicine - College of Complementary Medicine
Visual Arts - Box Hill Tafe
Film and Television - Open Chanel 
Meditation Teacher 
Business - Certificate 4


Contact Me

The Dandenong Ranges, Victoria Australia 

wildinnate@gmai.coml  |  Tel: 0424 883 304

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