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Burrinja - Open Studios

Step into the world of Dandenong Ranges Open Studios, where I've had the pleasure of crafting its visual identity. Picture this: nestled in the stunning Dandenong Ranges, 44 studios open their doors over two weekends, revealing the creative magic within. From designing booklets to social media banners, posters, logos, and postcards. It was a treat and a pleasure.

The Temple of Shamanic Magick

It's been an absolute pleasure collaborating with Sharon Bolt to bring her workshop visions to life through art. Our focus has centered around creating captivating artworks that serve as portal gateways to her beautiful lands.

Jo Bell Cummings

Working with soft tones and flower energy for the beautiful Jo Bell Cummings has been an absolute delight. Channeling these gentle hues and natural motifs has allowed us to infuse her projects with a sense of tranquility and grace. It's been a pleasure to bring Jo's vision to life, creating spaces and designs that resonate with her unique aesthetic and essence.