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Lymphatic Massage / Emotions Poster

Lymphatic Massage / Emotions Poster

Neuro- Presenting:

This exciting new poster will compliment your clinic space. Beautifully presented poster with easy to access information.


The poster contains:

- Posterior neuro-lymphatic Massage points

-Anterior neuro-lymphatic Massage points

-5 elements theory

- Meridians




-Body clock

-Colour coded to the element


A wonderful chart/ poster for

-Kinesiology Practitioners and students

- Natural Therapists

 - Massage Therapists

- Energy workers


Premium-paper posters bring any artwork to life.

-Paper thickness: 300 gsm

- Two sizes to choose from

- Size 20 x 16 Inch (50.8 x 40.64cm)

- Size 24 x 20 Inch (60.96 x 50.8cm)

- Smooth matte finish

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