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“What are you focusing your precious attention on, what vibes are you investing in?”.

With 70’000s thoughts a day and all the media, socials, news, and all that chatter its hard to stay present and not in fear. As an overthinker I have mastered the art of thinking the thoughts, I loved a bit of worry, fear, and doubt. But the more you train your brain to think these thoughts, the deeper those neuro pathways get. Emotions being chemicals mean we become addicted to the way we think. Without the feeling of worry can become quite worrisome. So, we need to retrain the brain like a muscle. When you catch yourself about to repeat an old thought, find a way to shift that vibe. Stop and ask yourself, is any of the shit I’m thinking about happening right now?, usually not. OK, breath, look around. Start naming the stuff that is working, like the amazing sky, the air your breathing, your silly dog, that amazing bird, my feet that walk me to amazing places, the car I drive in, the music on the radio. Start small and build the feeling to aw. The more in aw you are with the world around you, the easier it gets to start investing in joy, peace, flow, ease freedom, abundance. Make new neuro pathways with the good stuff. Life is much more enjoyable when you can focus your attention on the beautiful things.

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