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MERIDIAN Reference Chart

MERIDIAN Reference Chart

Enhance your holistic practice with our Five Element & Meridian Emotions Chart, a valuable resource designed to elevate your clinic space. This beautifully presented and information-packed chart is not only visually captivating but also incredibly user-friendly.


Key Features:

- Explore a wealth of knowledge, including TCM muscles and AK muscles, giving you a comprehensive understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

 - Dive into the world of qigong with "The Five Animal (Wu Qin Xi)" section, a fascinating addition for enthusiasts and practitioners

. - Gain insights into the intricate balance of yin and yang organs, and pinpoint acupuncture's alarm and yuan points.

- Understand the functions, physical associations, tissues, and senses related to each meridian.

- Discover the subtle power of neuro-lymphatic points and how they can enhance your practice.

- Delve into the emotional and virtuous dimensions of meridians, uncovering their roles in our well-being.

- Set healing goals, explore the influence of colors, and navigate the intricate cycles of creation and distraction, seasons, climate, time, day, and direction.

- Designed to Complement the Chakra Poster: This Meridian Reference Chart is expertly crafted to complement our popular Chakra poster, creating a harmonious synergy in your clinic or wellness space.


Key Features listed:

•TCM muscles

•AK muscles

•Qigong – The Five Animal (Wu Qin Xi)

•Organs – yin and yang

•Alarm points

•Yuan points




•Senses – sound, taste, sense and odour •Neuro-Lymphatic Points





•Cycles -creation/distraction cycle, season, climate, time, day and direction.


Premium-paper posters bring any artwork to life.

- Paper thickness: 300 gsm

- Two sizes to choose from

- Size 20 x 16 Inch (50.8 x 40.64cm)

- Size 24 x 20 Inch (60.96 x 50.8cm)

- Smooth matte finish


Elevate your healing space today with the Five Element & Meridian Emotions Chart, a comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing guide to the world of meridians and emotions.

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