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Mantra and Mudra wall chart.

Mantra and Mudra wall chart.

Journey into the world of inner harmony with our Mantra and Mudra Wall Chart. A beautiful and informative poster designed to enrich the spaces of:

- Natural therapists

-Massage therapists

-Energy workers, yoga studios

-Meditation sanctuaries

-and your very own home.


This poster is a treasure trove of wisdom and a visual delight.


Key Features:

-10 Mantras: Explore a collection of sacred words, sounds, and phrases that resonate with the soul.

-10 Mudras: Discover symbolic hand and finger gestures that influence physical, emotional, and spiritual energies.

-Meanings: Understand the profound meanings behind each mantra and mudra.

-Translations: Access translations to connect with the essence of each mantra

-Benefits: Learn about the transformative benefits of practicing mantras and mudras.


Mantra: A mantra is a sacred tool derived from the Sanskrit roots "manas," meaning "mind," and "tra," meaning "tool." Mantras -are the "tools of thought." Chanting them soothes the senses and directs energy to vital parts of your body and chakra -centers.


Mudra: Mudra, meaning "seal" in Sanskrit, involves symbolic hand and finger gestures. These gestures influence the energy of your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Mudras serve as bridges connecting the mind and body, soothing discomfort, and enhancing vitality.


Perfect for:

-Natural Therapists

-Massage Therapists

-Energy Workers

-Yoga Studios

-Meditation Spaces

-Kinesiology Practitioners and Students

-And anyone seeking inner harmony and holistic well-being


Premium-paper posters bring any artwork to life

- Paper thickness: 300 gsm for matte, 200 gsm

- Twosizes to choose from

- Size 20 x 16 Inch (50.8 x 40.64cm)

- Size 24 x 20 Inch (60.96 x 50.8cm)

- Smooth matte finish


Expertly Designed: This chart is expertly crafted by Natalie Latham, a qualified kinesiologist and mind-body meditation practitioner, reflecting a deep passion for holistic wellness. Wild Innate is proud to offer this transformative chart, made and printed in Australia, to empower individuals on their journey to inner harmony and well-being. Elevate your space and enhance your practice with the Mantra and Mudra Wall Chart - Your Gateway to Inner Harmony!

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