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Emotions Acupressure Points Poster

Emotions Acupressure Points Poster

Unlock the power of emotional well-being with our Emotions Acupressure Points Poster, a comprehensive resource designed to enhance your clinic space or healing sanctuary. This visually stunning chart is not only aesthetically pleasing but also an invaluable quick reference guide.

Key Features:

- Emotional First Aid: Access emotional first aid at your fingertips with clear pictures and descriptions of point locations.


- 34 Emotions, A-Z: Explore 34 emotions in an easy-to-use A-Z format, each accompanied by precise acupressure points.


- Emotions Listed Include: Anger, Anxiety, Balance, Brave, Calm, Calms the Mind, Clarity, Cautious, Confusion, Depression, Directionless, Disorganised, Flowing, Fear, Flexibility, Frustration, Fury, Grief, Grounding, Hope, Hysteria, Irritable, Joy, Letting Go, Panic, Restless, Stuck and Stagnate, Supported, Trauma, Trust, Vitality, Willpower, Worry, Withdrawn. 


-Harmoniously Aligned: This poster is colour-coded to seamlessly match the Chakra and Meridian Posters, creating a harmonious and visually cohesive healing environment. Premium-paper posters bring any artwork to life.


- Paper thickness: 300 gsm

- Two sizes to choose from

- Size 20 x 16 Inch (50.8 x 40.64cm)

- Size 24 x 20 Inch (60.96 x 50.8cm)

- Smooth matte finish


Designed by Experts: Wild Innate proudly presents this poster, expertly designed by Natalie Latham, a qualified kinesiologist, mind-body medicine practitioner, and meditation teacher.

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