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I’ve been playing a game this past year with a great bunch of people from all around the world. We get together on a Sunday and talk metaphysics. We are given missions for the week, an exploration of consciousness.

This week’s mission is to shine a spotlight on your negative vibes.

Take note of all the mind rambles that go on throughout the day, when your doing the dishes, driving, trying to sleep dam it. When I first played this game, I was horrified. My poor little mind was so worried, anxious, guilty and all the stuff. Scientists suggest we think 70,000 thoughts a day and I was thinking a lot of fricken shit vibes. In fact, my thoughts had turned into body pain. Some days the pain was so bad I was bed ridden and could barley walk to the post-box.

Shit had to change.

It was time to go deeper into my mind and see what was really going on. I have since worked those shit vibes out and happy to say

I move without much pain.

But this is a new game and news vibes are out running amuck.

This week I tuned into the new chatter and realised I was so dam

frustrated and angry.


⭐️ Vibes turn into a habit.

⭐️ A habit of negativity.

⭐️ Negativity becomes your subconscious.

⭐️ Thoughts become your body.

⭐️Habit becomes behaviour (like drinking, smoking, binge eating etc)

⭐️ And that subconscious behaviour hijacks your present moment….

But have no fear, the quality control department is on the case.

So this week I shined my torch on frustration and anger, they didn’t like it much, but they can kiss my ass. I appreciate you popping by, and I see you. Time to unpack the vibes.

Frustration, what would it feel like not to be frustrated?

It would feel free, light, happy, JOY. Yes please

OK there you are my endangered frequency. Time to save you Joy.

Next week I’m going on a expedition a treasure hunt. I’m going to save my endangered frequency JOY.

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