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‘How do you use your mind?

Where are your thoughts?

Are you giving too much attention to the shit stuff, the problems, the worries, the fears, the anxieties and the have nots?

The toxicity of the emotions that you are feeling manifests in your body.

The body hears everything the mind is saying. Watch where you are placing your attention and alkaline your thoughts. Emotions create chemicals in your body. For thousands of years Chinese medicine has connected emotions to the body. The Chinese meridian system connects anger and frustration to the liver and gall bladder meridian (wood Element). Fear and anxiety to the bladder and kidney meridian (water element). In kinesiology we look at emotions in connection with the body.

Your body is a mirror of your inner thoughts and beliefs.

What we see depends on what we are looking for. Shift your attention to the presence of the preference. Artwork 'Owl Lady’ mixed media by Natalie Latham.

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