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Objects can hold imprints/ energetic charges of memories, emotions, and feelings. This could be your home, workplace, your jewellery, an old book etc. There may have been trauma on the land on which the house is now standing. There may have been traumatic events on the land before the house was built, which leaves scars and wounds on the land. The land or building may have a curse placed on it, that could be hundreds of years old. Old buildings have a lot of history. There may be wayward spirits or soul fragments still living there.

For example, your home may carry an imprint of an experience, if there has been conflict,

arguments, stress, abuse, joy, love, birth or a death. The imprint may still be occupying that space, long after the event is over. It may be the reason you feel frustrated, stressed or in a bad mood the moment you step in the door. It may be the reason why the building has continuous structural problems, or that you’re not able to sell your home. You may avoid certain rooms in the home or unable to sleep well in a bedroom.

You can give your home special energetic programmes. For example above you entrance doorway into the home. You may program that everyone that enters is cleansed by a shower of

unconditional love. And that all wayward spirits are automatically sent to the light. I want everyone who enters my home to feel good when they come in.

You can assign a special object in the home, with an intention.You could have a crystal geode in your home downloaded with the job of consistently drawing all the negative energy in the home into the crystal to be transmuted into love.

To program space and objects, its all about a new layer of intention. You can do this in many ways. I like to make it a ceremonial space, a special moment in time.

Smudging the area while feeling the vibes you wish for that space. You may say a clearing pray, light a candle, play music, singing bowls, bells, meditate, dance.

I like to smudge with plants from the land I’m on when possible, but you can use a stick of incense or burn oils. Whatever you feel will always be right.

If your interested in having you home, or space cleared please contact me to learn more 0424883394.

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