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My mission is to give you the tools to connect you to your innate wisdom, innate self and innate healing abilities. 

 My passion is for you to express, not repress your uniqueness.

 To thrive and not just survive in this sometimes very neurotypical world. 

 If you feel like you don’t fit into this world, it’s because you’re here to create a new one. 

 If you’re feeling worried, anxious, fearful or sad I create space to connect you back to the peace and awe of the present moment and share life hacks to help you help yourself. 

 I work with the tools I’ve studied to help you thrive and uncover the specific mix of modalities that work for you.  

I want you to learn to heal yourself, to hear your body and empower you with knowledge. 

There are no rules, there are only beliefs which we can work with together to bring about transformation. 

Every session is unique:

In a session I use different mind body medicine modalities combined with kinesiology to facilitate the subtle energetic changes that bring profound results to life. 

I use tools including the following to assist with the process and help facilitate you to reconnect with your inner, intuitive wisdom:

  • muscle monitoring, 

  • traditional Chinese medicine 5 element theory and plant medicine,  

  • the chakra system and reiki,

  • testing vials, 

  • essential oils, 

  • cupping,

  • heart math, meditation, and sound. 

If you’re looking for a new direction in life or are having difficulties tapping into your unique, magical self, I can help you embrace your, innate knowing and revitalise your spark. 

Kinesiology & Mind Body Medicine offers you the opportunity to heal, transform and connect back to your true self.

It’s an absolute pleasure and honour to help you realign and shine with your passions, to help you express love, to help you to feel love. 

It’s my life’s work to connect you to your innate healing and innate being so you can shine.

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